What you need to know about Butterfly Pendant Necklaces before wearing one

Butterfly pendant necklaces seem to be the most popular choice for necklace designs and there could be good reasons for that.

People wear the pendant as a fashionable piece but the pendants can mean more than just an item for beautification.

 A butterfly pendant can be a symbol that evokes some meanings to the individuals who wear it.

Since more than 2000 years BC, people from every culture you can imagine wore necklaces for several reasons.

Even nowadays, we can identify with religious necklaces with various pendants but why would people opt for a butterfly pendant.

Which Butterfly Pendant Necklaces suit men or women?

It seemed that after the renaissance, men gave up most of their necklaces and jewelry to women. But the story was not always as we have it today as men were the once the necklace junkies at some point in the history of fashion – in the 15th century.

Well, you might be thinking “history is history, let’s talk about now…”

You might have thought for a moment that the adornment of a butterfly pendant necklace suits women best. Or what gender comes to your mind when thinking about butterflies? I’d say butterflies are feminine as I’m not French. It might be interesting to find out the actual demographics that wear these beautiful pieces of pendant necklaces the most. But surely there is no gender discrimination wearing butterfly pendant necklaces, only that the design style can make the difference between feminine or masculine ones.

As a general rule, I’d pick a less brightly colored necklace with a masculine sleekness that is not too flashy for men. And I prefer moderation too.

What does Butterfly Pendant Necklace mean?

Butterflies are seen in the positive light in all known cultures in the world and they can be totems for people too. It symbolizes good luck and a good omen for most people. And somewhere, the metamorphosis of this creature has been used in Christian parables to symbolize resurrection and a rebirth of the soul. The Native Americans are said to believe that butterflies bring good magical dreams to people. Many years ago, according to a story which can be seen at Bianca Jones, Native American tribeswomen would adorn a piece of buckskin with carved butterfly and tie it on their little one’s hair before greeting them sweet dreams.

Is Butterfly Pendant Necklace Childish or Mature?

Bear in mind the proper ways to use a butterfly pendant necklace for the right events.  Jewelry that may be appropriate for younger people may look childish if worn by a mature person. Also, you want to be watchful of fakes because wearing fake pendant jewelry can give a wrong impression about you.

To be on the safe side, you should use your discretion to question how your butterfly pendant necklace may be perceived. Getting a second opinion about the authenticity of your jewelry is a good idea as well as buying from a reputable brand to ensure that you don’t end up with fakes that may look childish.


You should know of the standard ways to hallmark your jewelry piece in your areas. Hallmarking, which is officially available in the UK can be done privately in other places. In other countries, private agencies also help to assay gold or other precious metal pendant jewelry.