Want to remove a Tree? Five Things to Keep in Mind

Experienced arborists will tell you that removing any tree, whether medium-sized to large, is actually a risky job – its needs handling of with the utmost of care.

To make the whole process quick and efficient so that you and any others around are protected, there are a few dos and don’ts – you are going to be glad you found out about these:

1) It’s essential to have the right tools and equipment.

You need to assemble the right gear before you start removing a tree.

It won’t help just getting out the saw – that will probably leave you panting and sweating and vowing never again, and then just leaving the job midway!

No matter what size of the tree, you need the correct tools.

Tools will almost certainly consist of chainsaw, axes, rope, ladders – all this gets the job done safely and satisfactory.

And while we are at it, it means keeping the ground around the tree clear of anything lying there as well.

2) Large trees will require the help of professionals, no doubt about that

Cutting down large trees certainly is not for beginners – it requires skill, experience, and expertise – a tree expert; because it takes time and can be dangerous.

The experts will come and inspect the tree and determine the correct methods with their professional team.

When it comes to the removal of a large tree, there will no doubt be more than just one person working on this job.

Anybody is going to be at high risk of falling branches, falling debris, and finally, the falling tree.

You can never be sure of the direction in which the tree will fall. Depending on the length of the tree is more or less the space that needs to be cleared and ‘suitable’ for a tree to fall.

3) Don’t cut trees standing on a ladder

When you use a ladder to stand on to cut down branches, for instance, you are at risk of the ladder shifting and you losing your balance and falling down.

If for instance there is some part of the tree that requires you to be higher up, then it’s high time to call in a professional.

4) Always wear protective gear when cutting trees

Apart from proper equipment and tools, it will go a long way to wear thick gloves as well and safety glasses – these will keep your hands and eyes safe from all the chips and debris.

Remember, too, to wear a helmet because seeds and fruits and what not can fall on your head.

5) Don’t have trees cut that are near any utility lines without taking the necessary precautions

Professionals like Stratton Landscaping that offer tree removal services say you need to be cautious when removing a tree near a utility line.

The electrical supply should be turned off so as to avoid accidents. If a tree is near a driveway, sidewalk, or utility lines, for instance, you have to consider the damage trees falling can cause to these places.

Fragile tiles on a roof of a home can break easily – that means the necessary measures have to be taken, and to know the local regulations which apply around tree removal.

If you are not acquainted with the right laws about the removal of trees, the best is to hire a reputable tree removal company to do the job expertly and within the law.