Checking in with My Knitting

First off, the money chant (taken, of course, from Ariel Gore). Everyone together now: Money loves me. Money is sexually attracted to me. Money stays up late thinking about me. Money can’t resist my charms or my proposals or my bank account. MONEY LOVES ME!

I started blogging more than three years ago as a knit blogger. I blogged about knitting. There are a zillion knit blogs out there and it was how I got into blogging. Knitting is a gateway drug, for realz.

After three posts I chucked the knitting-for-every-post and went with, I don’t know, alienating most everyone around me. And that’s where I’m at today!

Anyway, I know this post is about to bore 97% of you to tears, but I thought I’d get back to my blogging roots and do a little knitting post.

I had a bug up my butt this morning to start a new project. I wanted to do this because I’m a sheep and I give in to the slightest amount of peer pressure — smoke crack? Don’t mind if I do! Jump off a cliff? My pleasure! Recycle every last bit of plastic and cardboard and human dander? I’d love to, Portland!

And I was cruising around on the knitting blogs, when I saw like 87 million knitters are making the tilted duster from Interweave Knits Fall 2007.

And I thought, I HAVE TO MAKE THAT. And then cooler heads prevailed. I remembered that I have a few things on the needles right now, including a super cute sweater.

This is the cute sweater. It’s the February Lady Sweater. Oh, nummy. I’m knitting it from Malabrigo. Oh yeah, you know that’s the good stuff. I’m doing a Knit Along with Twisted.

And, I guess to be a part of the knit along, you need to head in there on Friday nights to knit with the ladies, which I haven’t done, but this week, I will.

The sweater is based on an Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern, which means it’s a lot of knit knit knit. And no purl purl purl. That’s okay, until we see what else I have on the needles.

My plain Noro sock that I was obsessed with for a solid week. So obsessed, I finished one sock, and started the other, just to get bored by the endless knit, knit knit kniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. I really should pick this one up again, because the yarn is wonderful. WONDERFUL!

I should go back to the Noro sock, except I have this on the needles too.

That’s a plain sock in Socks That Rock. I don’t know what color it is, but I love it. LOVE IT! This sock is all knit too.

And it’s for Steve because the first pair of socks I knit him is ruined. That’s the thing about socks, it’s a labor of love because I like to give the things I knit away. With socks, when people use them, they get worn out. So it goes.

Months of work and there’s a hole. But he wore them all winter and they kept him warm. So I started these for him to replace the others. And it’s all knit knit knit knit knit. But the yarn is awesome. But knitkniknitknit. And I know he’ll want them soonish, so I should probably get cracking. I did turn the heel — see it there?

Here’s the problem, (the cracked out knitter tells herself), I’ve got too many knitty things on the needles. I mean I have too many things that I’m just knitting mindlessly. I need a challenge. I need a lace pattern!

nd I have this. That’s undyed pure alpaca homespun. This alpaca is so awesome, I even met the alpaca it was sheared from. I KNOW! It’s so soft and wonderful. And it’s from an alpaca I know! From when my Malibu knitting group went to the alpaca farm.

And we met the alpacas and the alpaca lady and we ate garlic that had soaked in olive oil and goat cheese. It was an experience, let me tell you. I learned that alpaca poop doesn’t smell (right) and that they pee in the same place every time — like cats! And that they are really, very sweet and will eat from your hand.

So, with my alpaca, because I don’t know how much yardage I have, I thought I’d make my all time favorite pattern, the Shetland Triangle. I’ve knit two of these. One for myself, which I wear as soon as the weather is cool. I wear it so much that my good friend My, once said to me, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you without it.” That was in the dead of the Portland winter (April).

I love this pattern. Look at it so pretty there. I knit it in Alaska at my mom’s house. It took me a week. I knit it and watched Pride and Prejudice (the BBC version, of course).

I knit it a second time for a gift. The person I gave it to wore it all of once. You can imagine that it made me sad.

Especially because I used some of my Sundara stash on this one. But, as my mom reminds me, we cannot have expectations of the gifts we give people. But still you could wear it when you see me, right? No, wrong. It’s just a risk I take when I give people handknit things.

Maybe they just won’t like it, or appreciate the time it takes to make something like this. And, really, how when I knit for others, I spend a lot of time thinking about that person, and focusing on the things I love about him or her.

Because I really wouldn’t knit you something if I didn’t love you. So, what do you all think? Start the shetland triangle in alpaca despite the wads of other projects? Or just keep up the knit knit knit.

Back to regularly scheduled blogging and alienation next time…