Back Fence PDX Day!

It’s Back Fence PDX day. I have to say that it’s really odd sometimes when your two lives, when past and present collide. That happened to me with this week’s story.

The week’s story is written by Zoe Trope, who I blogged about here. If you didn’t read that post, I’ll sum it up, she wrote a book, Please Don’t Kill the Freshman, which was wonderful. My book, Swollen, was released around the same time. I was revising Upstream when I read Zoe’s novel. Needless to say, I was intimidated.

And now, a few years later, Zoe and I are both in Portland. Both struggling with what to write next. We’re on this parallel path with our careers, and we have some friends in common. We meet. We hit it off. And I ask her to write a post for Back Fence PDX. And she does. And I edit it. And she uses some of my edits. And I’m going to publish something of hers.

But it’s on a blog. And I link to her blog. And we, neither of us, are doing this as novelists. We aren’t in our novelist capacity. And yet, here we are. Two YA novelists, and two bloggers, and two people working on very different things. Parallel still.

The story Zoe wrote (and yes, it’s just Zoe now) is so much of what I loved about Please Don’t Kill the Freshman — the voice and the pacing and the subject are all hers. And, at the end of the piece, I got chills.

Please head over there and read this remarkable story.